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That's what happened when Nicole realized that conventional medicine and practices were not exactly created for the modern day woman, and have historically kept women from achieving their health related goals and in turn, from achieving career, fa‍‍‍mily and educational goals as well.

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"About 12 Years Ago, After Another Misdiagnosis From Another Specialist, I Had My 'A Ha' Moment'. Life Took A Completely Different Turn For Me After That."

Nicole has made it her life's mission to unleash the potential of all women she comes across, and get them invested in their biggest potential goal — their health. Over the past 8 years she has guided hundreds of women, from all walks of life, into achieving their maximum potential through body literacy.

Born and raised in a traditional Puerto Rican household, in the Bronx, New York City, Nicole is a Certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Specialist and is on a mission to bring female brain chemistry and hormonal health to the forefront of everyday conversation. She teaches that understanding the correlation between the female brain and the four phases of a womans cycle, is the key to productivity, better health, and better relationships.

In 2011 Nicole took a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. Since then she has guided hundreds of women into a life of better physical and mental health. In her mission to continually impact women's lives, she has helped mothers, young professionals, students, and

executives discover what she calls the art of the female body.

Nicole is often sought after by Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and other organizations for guidance on developing company policies, and creating a work environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle for employees. She takes what can be vulnerable and embarrassing topics and turns them into a disarming, genuine conversation equipping listeners with practical advice and guidance.

Nicole describes her work as revolutionary, because she believes that, given the right tools and knowledge, all women have a unique ability to heal, lead, and prosper in the world.

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