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Working with Nicole means you have a partner every step of the way, so you can feel confident in knowing someone has your back.

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Help Nicole understand your story by completing a comprehensive intake form. This intake form will serve as a reference point for your initial session with Nicole.

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During your first appointment with Nicole, she will have lots of questions. This will help her understand who you are and where you want to be.

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Working with Nicole is like having a personal trainer at the gym. The more you follow direction, the better the results will be.

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Nicole's health plans are designed to resolve chronic problems and improve your overall health.

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Symptoms Are a Form of Communication

Your body is trying to tell you something and Nicole can help you interpret what your symptoms are trying to say about your health.

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We all need someone to hold us accountable and like any good coach, Nicole is with you every step of the way.

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"Nicole Negron, a holistic wellness advisor and life coach, doesn’t believe that women have to submit to patriarchal standards of success to be successful themselves. In fact, she wants us to tap into our feminine superpowers, embrace our sensitivity and intuition, and use them to our own benefit."

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Frequently asked questions


Can I be a Nicole Client if I work 9-5?

Yes, in fact 90% of my clients are working professionals that work a traditional 9-5 schedule.

Does Nicole accept insurance?

Your health and wellness is my priority. My financial policy allows me to provide you with access to the best nutrition and lifestyle care available and does not limit your care to what is covered by health insurance policies. Like many functional medicine practices, at Nicole Negron Health and lifestyle services are an out-of-pocket expense. I’m unable to provide insurance billing codes or NPI numbers, which is outside of my scope of practice as nutrition and lifestyle professional, but I am happy to partner with any other practitioners on your team.

Does Nicole offer payment plans?

Nicole does her best to be flexible. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

Is there an age requirement to work with Nicole?

No, however, she does focus on women between the ages of 25-45. Her programs can be intensive and require a certain amount of commitment not suitable for all women.

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